Chelsea need to sign: Lorenzo Insigne •Club Transfer…

Chelsea need to sign:
Lorenzo Insigne

•Club Transfer Review:
Chelsea have recently snapped up a main priority signing of striker Alvaro Morata from Real Madrid for £70 million. They have also brought in Tiemoune Bakayoko to replace Nemanja Matic, who seems to be leaving, and brought in Antonio Rudiger to replace club legend John Terry who left for Aston Villa on a free transfer.

•Why they should sign him:
There isn’t really a need to sign another player but if I were to pick a player, I’d pick Insigne. The diminutive winger can play on either side and will bring depth and speed to the squad. He’ll cost about £40 million. He’ll fit well into that role behind and just wide if the striker, crossing in balls to Alvaro Morata.
•Why it might not happen:
They don’t need to really bring in players. There’s more than enough world class talent out on loan as it is.

•Transfer rating: 4/10